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Case Details: Cromwell & McNaghton v. Bailey File ID: L01213
Begin Date: 09/1838
End (Judgment) Date: 09/1839
Court Of Origin: Tazewell County Circuit Court
Division: common law
Action: assumpsit
Court Of Judgment: Tazewell County Circuit Court
Judgment: decided for plaintiff/petitioner
Other Venues:
  Bailey, Daniel M. (Baily)Witness at Trial
  Bailey, David M. (Baily)Defendant
  Ballance, CharlesPlaintiff Attorney
  Cromwell, NathanDeceased for Whom Someone Sued
  Cromwell, WilliamPlaintiff
Documents: 22 Document(s)
 Document IDDocument TypeDateFile DateDescriptionLocation Of OriginalCollectionLocation Of Copy
45566subpoena04/19/1838--/--/----ADSTAZCC bx 6  
128190judge's docket09/0T/1838--/--/----ADTAZCC DK38  
45563declaration09/0T/183809/04/1838ADSTAZCC bx 6  
45562letters of administration09/26/183609/04/1838ADSTAZCC bx 6  
45564summons09/04/1838--/--/----APPDSTAZCC bx 6  
Author / Signer:
AuthorJones, John A.
SignerJones, John A.
EndorserTinney, William A. (Tenney)