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Case Details: Eads & Nelson v. Ohio & Mississippi RR File ID: L02137
Begin Date: 03/1856
End (Judgment) Date: 07/1856
Court Of Origin: United States District Court, Southern District of Illinois
Division: admiralty
Action: salvage
Court Of Judgment: United States District Court, Southern District of Illinois
Judgment: decided for plaintiff/petitioner
Other Venues:
  Alexander, Joshua H.Surety
  Bacon, Henry D.Surety
  Dickson, A. C. (Dickman)U.S. Marshal
  Eads & NelsonPlaintiff
  Eads, James B.Plaintiff
Documents: 13 Document(s)
 Document IDDocument TypeDateFile DateDescriptionLocation Of OriginalCollectionLocation Of Copy
63765bond for costs09/27/185509/27/1855PPDSICNARG21 cf 1 
63762libel09/26/185509/27/1855ADSICNARG21 cf 1 
63763USDC transcript09/13/185509/27/1855ADSICNARG21 cf 1 
63764monition09/27/185511/06/1855APPDSICNARG21 cf 1 
63766release bond10/16/185511/06/1855DSICNARG21 cf 1 
Author / Signer:
AuthorLowry, George W. (Lowery)
SignerStuart, John T.