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Case Details: McCormick v. Talcott et al. File ID: L02341
Begin Date: 11/1854
End (Judgment) Date: 12/1855
Court Of Origin: United States Circuit Court, District of Illinois
Division: chancery
Action: injunction
Court Of Judgment: United States Circuit Court, Northern District of Illinois
Judgment: decided for defendant/against petitioner
Other Venues:
Bio Arnold, Isaac NewtonPlaintiff Attorney
  Beale, Matthew K.Deponent
  Beckwith, CorydonDefendant Attorney
  Benton, WilliamDeponent
  Benton, William H.Deponent
Documents: 7 Document(s)
 Document IDDocument TypeDateFile DateDescriptionLocation Of OriginalCollectionLocation Of Copy
4289memorandum02/21/1853--/--/----AD-P  IHi
67448answer--/--/----[03/05/1855]TrPtd-P  IHi
67449opinion07/0T/1855--/--/----TrPtd6 McLean 539  
67447letter07/23/1855--/--/----TrPtdCW 2:314-315  
67450letter09/01/1855--/--/----TrPtdCW 2:325  
Author / Signer: