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Case Details: Green v. Green File ID: L03355
Begin Date: 10/1837
End (Judgment) Date: 07/1839
Court Of Origin: Sangamon County Circuit Court
Division: chancery
Action: divorce
Court Of Judgment: Sangamon County Circuit Court
Judgment: dismissed/stricken/quashed/vacated/abated
Other Venues:
Bio Butler, WilliamClerk
  Green, AaronDefendant
  Green, NancyPlaintiff
Bio Lincoln, AbrahamPlaintiff Attorney
Bio Smith, David A.Plaintiff Attorney
Documents: 9 Document(s)
 Document IDDocument TypeDateFile DateDescriptionLocation Of OriginalCollectionLocation Of Copy
5104petition for divorce--/--/----09/04/1837ADS-PDLCHWmf 3:905-907
100343judge's docket10/0T/1837--/--/----ADISRADSANCC DK28 
100399judge's docket03/0T/1838--/--/----ADISRADSANCC DK28 
100566judge's docket07/0T/1838--/--/----ADISRADSANCC DK28 
100666judge's docket10/0T/1838--/--/----ADISRADSANCC DK28 
Author / Signer:
Named onlyGreen, Nancy
AuthorLincoln, Abraham
SignerLincoln, Abraham
Named onlyStuart, John T.