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Case Details: People ex rel. Lanphier & Walker v. Hatch File ID: L04112
Begin Date: 12/1857
End (Judgment) Date: 12/1857
Court Of Origin: Illinois Supreme Court
Division: n/a
Action: mandamus
Court Of Judgment: Illinois Supreme Court
Judgment: mandamus denied
Other Venues:
  Blackwell, Robert S.Plaintiff Attorney
Bio Breese, SidneyJustice
Bio Browning, Orville HickmanDefendant Attorney
Bio Caton, John D.Justice
  Goudy, William C.Plaintiff Attorney
Documents: 36 Document(s)
 Document IDDocument TypeDateFile DateDescriptionLocation Of OriginalCollectionLocation Of Copy
125450newspaper report02/10/1857--/--/----DPtdIllinois State Journal IHi mf
122259newspaper report02/26/1857--/--/----DPtdRock Island Morning Argus IHi mf
122260newspaper report02/26/1857--/--/----DPtdRock Island Morning Argus IHi mf
122261newspaper report03/06/1857--/--/----DPtdRock Island Morning Argus IHi mf
125451newspaper report03/06/1857--/--/----DPtdIllinois State Journal IHi mf
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