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Case Details: Lincoln witnessed deed for Jones et al. File ID: N05450
Begin Date: 01/1832
End (Judgment) Date: 04/1832
Court Of Origin: n/a
Division: n/a
Action: witnessing legal document
Court Of Judgment: n/a
Judgment: n/a
Other Venues: n/a
  Jones Sr., JohnParty to Deed, Mortgage, or Lease
  Jones, LydiaParty to Deed, Mortgage, or Lease
Bio Lincoln, AbrahamParalegal (Lincoln and Partners Only)
Bio Lincoln, AbrahamWitness to Signature (Lincoln and Partners Only)
  Watkins Sr., JohnParty to Deed, Mortgage, or Lease
Documents: 1 Document(s)
 Document IDDocument TypeDateFile DateDescriptionLocation Of OriginalCollectionLocation Of Copy
130378deed record01/16/183204/09/1832ADISRADSANCC DK204 p.433-434 
Author / Signer: