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Case Details: Lincoln and Herndon collected debt for Coon and Rogers File ID: N05952
Begin Date: 09/1857
End (Judgment) Date: [02/1858]
Court Of Origin: n/a
Division: n/a
Action: collecting debt
Court Of Judgment: n/a
Judgment: n/a
Other Venues: n/a
  Coon & RogersCreditor
Bio Herndon, William H.Collector (Lincoln and Partners Only)
Bio Lincoln, AbrahamCollector (Lincoln and Partners Only)
  Rusk, Benjamin D.Debtor
  Rusk, Benjamin D.Deceased in Estate Settlement
Documents: 2 Document(s)
 Document IDDocument TypeDateFile DateDescriptionLocation Of OriginalCollectionLocation Of Copy
132380affidavit, receipt09/28/1857--/--/----ADSIHi  
132381statement of account[02/16/1858]--/--/----ADISRADSANCoC 04/0274/01 #1220 
Author / Signer:
AuthorHerndon, William H.
SignerHerndon, William H.
Named onlyLincoln, Abraham
EndorserMatheny, Noah W.